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Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift

Bespoke Goods Lift for D S Smith Packaging. Hurdon Road, Scarne Industrial Estate Launceston, Cornwall PL15 9HN

LIFT SPECIFICATION - Bespoke 500kg Mast Design Goods Lift with a raised height 3100mm (2 stops) Platform size 2900mm x 1000mm (800mm usable) to accommodate large profile cutting dies. Platform Material Anti skid checker plate to include mesh frame down both sides of the platform. The lift will be surface mounted fitted with drop down ramps (Bridging Plate) at each end. Operation is Electro-hydraulic with Electrics 3 phase, 415v, 50Hz, 3.0Kw. Operating controls at both levels Low voltage ‘Press to Go’ push buttons fitted with key lock and emergency stop. Security Automatic locking of loading gates interfaced with lift controls Heavy Duty Troax gate locks on loading gates

SUPPORT STRUCTURE - Note; Lift structure to tie into the mezzanine support at mezzanine level To supply a fully supporting lift structure, manufactured from box section steel with 25mm² galvanised mesh infill sides and double side-hinged loading gates at each level. The gates are fitted with a heavy  duty interfaced lock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if a loading gate on any level is not fully closed. Colour RAL 1023 (Special Colour)

Electrical - The customer is responsible for providing a mains electrical supply to the equipment site, also the provision of an isolator and all necessary wiring. An electrician should be available to assist our engineer during the latter stages of installation to enable final testing to be carried out. The electrician should be conversant with motor switch gear. The electrician will be responsible for final electrical connection from the mains isolator supply to the lift control box.
For 3 phase equipment, a 415volt, 3 phase supply with earth and neutral is also necessary. The current rating required is stated in the installation instructions.

Warranty - is twelve months labour and parts from date of installation or fifteen months from date of delivery, whichever is the sooner

Unloading facilities; depending on access to site, will be by our delivery vehicle. Further craneage may need to be provided by the purchaser. This will be discussed further on any subsequent site meetings.

Commissioning is included in the quoted price, providing it can be carried out at the time of installation. A separate charge may be made if commissioning is required at some other date.

Load testing is included in the offer price providing that the customer supplies a certified load on the day of installation/commissioning. If this is not possible then a separate quotation for this work will be supplied on request.

Emergency/24 hour call out is not included in the offer price. This can be quoted for separately if required.

Manual giving operating instructions, maintenance and service advice is provided at time of commissioning.

Structural loading details are available on request, the structural element of the installation is the entire responsibility of the purchaser

EC Certificate of Conformity (According to Appendix 11 of the EC directive 98/37/EECO) is supplied confirming the equipment offered conforms to the essential requirements indicated by

  •     The Machine Directive 98/37/CE
  •    The Low-Tension Directive 73/23/EEC and its subsequent amendments 93/68

The following rules are also taken into consideration: UNI EN 1493 (as much as can be applied)
-EN 292/1/2-EN294-EN349-EN418-EN982-EN 593-EN 594-1-EN 1037-EN 1088-EN 60204-1

Progressive specification changes may be made without prior notice and without making changes retro-active.

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